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You also have some of the best frame rates, so your games would not lag. It took some time for this Android emulator to become popular, but once it did, it took the Android gaming world by storm. With so many features packed in, it’s hard for gamers to resist it. It’s compatible with both Intel and AMD processors, so one can use it for Windows on a wide range of PC.

Real Car Race Game 3D is highly popular for its exiting race tracks in jungle and snow environments. This action-packed game offers realistic scenarios and graphics and comes with smooth and easy to use control mechanisms.

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This indie title has all of the farming and romance of the Harvest Moon series, with additional mechanics that will keep you coming back. Being on your smartphone means that you can easily play a day while waiting or bored, then get back to your day. It may seem like a surprising choice, but Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is a very strong card game on Google Play. The show was always the most visible aspect of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, but the APK 4Android Net actual card game is still going strong, and Duel Links provides a great entryway into it.

  • It was an instant classic when it arrived in 2006, and its position at the top of the RTS tree has barely been threatened in the intervening 14 years.
  • The player controls one of the forest dwellers to find out what’s going on, and discovers an astonishing number of imaginative traps and obstacles on the way.
  • As a plague, it’s your objective, to ensure that all the humans in the world are subdued, killed or infected.
  • Simple and addictive to play, gorgeous and delightful to look at.

While people with Chinese App Store IDs now cannot download VPN apps, as a foreigner you are able to sign in to your local store. For my journey I tried an application calledSeed4Me that offers an extended trial period for mobile users, and it failed me only once .

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If I am to talk about my favourite genre of the gaming industry, it would definitely be the roleplaying genre for a lot of reasons. Regardless of the platform, we are talking about, roleplaying has always been the most consistent one out there. A franchise that is even bigger than Pokemon Go, and the shortlived Flappy Bird. Angry Birds 2 is the first true sequel to the original Angry Birds. I was a bit skeptical, but the game exceeded my expectations. Ever sin ve the original Angry Birds by Rovio Entertainment took the market by storm back in 2009, the value blew up to a point where Angry Birds became a brand name. It is safe to say that Angry Birds is perhaps the most famous franchise on the mobile platform.